About Us

Im Dax the founding member of Darkside Gadgets, just like you I love the whole idea of being outside with nature and in particular from a very young age I can remember going on the family camping holiday all around the world.

Now years later I am doing the same things with my children, they love being outdoors they love the nights around the campfire and waking up in the tent, to me being outside is a healthy way to live.

Times have certainly moved on in the camping world since the early days, I myself have seen the change each year I arrive at the campsite with my children and wife, peoples way of camping has become more luxurious and camping now is like home from home.

During my last camping trip in France, my wife and I sat down after a glass of wine and decided we would like camping to be more than a way of life for us, but to become a business since that evening we have never looked back.

We have now acquired fantastic suppliers for our products, and our catalogue of camping equipment is growing all the time, we have made the decision to grow our business at a sustainable pace, and every item you see on our website has been tested by us or family members whilst on a camping holiday, and we believe this is what makes us stand out against the bigger names. Our products only go on our website if they pass the camping test we set.

Camping to us is a business, but it will never stop being a way of life and parents enjoying time outside with their children.